Universal Credit

Stop and Think about Universal credit 

Universal Credit has been rolled out across much of the UK and replaces a number of benefits for working-age households. Universal Credit was introduced in Monmouthshire in Autumn 2015.  It will replace:

  • Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Employment Support Allowance
  • Tax Credits
  • Income Support 
  • Housing Benefit

These benefits will all be paid as a monthly lump-sum to one member of your household.  

How will this affect you?

Once you are receiving Universal Credit, you will be required to manage and budget your money on a monthly basis.  Universal Credit will be paid directly to one member of your household, which may not be the case for you currently. 

If your Housing Benefit is currently paid directly to Monmouthshire Housing Association you will instead have to transfer your rent to us yourself.

What is Universal Credit?

Making a claim

Jargon buster!

Understand some of the terms, jargon and acronyms associated with Universal Credit: 

  • Payable Rent - You will be asked this at point of claim, even if you have never paid us rent directly you will have payable rent
  • Advanced Payment- if you are struggling in the first few weeks without any income you can apply for an advanced payment which will be paid back directly from your claim over the following months.
  • APA -  Alternative Payment Arrangements: This is were we can request that housing costs comes directly to the landlord if you feel you are unable to manage paying your rent
  • TPD - Third party deduction- This is referring to money that you owe via third parties such as water rates and rent arrears  which can be deducted automatically from your claim
  • PBS - Personal Budgeting support should be advised at point of claim with your work coach and something that can be offered by the local authority in your area
  • ADS - Assisted Digital support should be advised at point of claim with your work coach and something that can be offered by the local authority in your area. You will need to access and update your claim online so it’s really important to access support if you will need help with this.
  • Claimant Commitment – a record of the responsibilities you have accepted in return for receiving Universal Credit.

Don't Panic - we're here to help. Call us 0345 677 2277

Cally McCarthy is the person to speak to at MHA if you need help with Universal Credit. You can email Cally at cally.mccarthy@monmouthshirehousing.co.uk or call us on 0345 677 2277


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