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2017 sees the end of the three year term for one of our tenant Board Members. Nominations were made this spring and we're delighted to introduce three candidates who will stand for election this summer. Voting will open on 26 July when ballot papers are sent to all tenants. In the meantime. here are the tenants standing for election:

Zena Beirne:

Tenant Board Member candidate, Zena Beirne

“I’ve worked with Newport City Council for 35 years and know that openness and transparency are critical to building trust with communities and residents. Openness in decision-making is an important part of enabling people to feel part of something significant and giving them a say in their futures.  I am passionate about people and enjoy working in a community where I can give something back.

I have two children and five grandchildren who are my life, I enjoy spending time with them and taking them to the library, swimming and watching football.

I feel it’s important to listen to people’s views and those that drive the future and feel that MHA is not just an organisation but one that cares about people and believe there is a drive for change and to be listened to.”

Peter Daniel:

Tenant Board Member candidate, Peter Daniel

“Having begun my working life as an apprentice electrician and then serving seven years in the RAF as an Air Electronics Operative, I’ve always had a hankering to work in the welfare system. As an early beneficiary of foster care and being adopted by the family that fostered me, I’ve wanted to give something back. I retrained after leaving the RAF and joined the Probation Service, where for the last five years before retiring, I worked in the prisons supporting people to train and develop skills as well as helping them back into their communities.

For those of you living in Goytre I will be a familiar face as Secretary of the Community Social Club and resident for 27 years: it’s a community I love and I hope to be able to further support the link between MHA and not only its tenants but in the wider community as well. 

Gary Witcombe:

Tenant Board Member candidate, Gary Witcombe

“I served with the army for seven years, and was Branch Secretary of the Transport & General Workers Union upon leaving. I was also Shop Steward of NUPE and have been a Board Member at MHA for the past three years. If you, the tenants want me to continue as a Board Member please vote for me as you did last time.”


          Board meeting in action  

The Board's role is to select, evaluate and approve policies, strategies, financial statements and the performance of the organisation.  As well as this, they also have the ability to recommend or strongly discourage proposed direction of growth for the organisation.

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