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Tenant Board Member Elections now open

The 2018 tenant Board Member elections are now open and voting will be available both by post and online. We have three vacant seats on our Board this year.

Voting closes on 24 August so keep an eye out on social media to learn more about our Board. In the meantime, you can read about our four tenant candidates here!

Introducing our four tenant Board Member candidates for election this year:

John Barrow:

John Barrow

I retired in March 2013 from a fairly senior post in Local Government where I managed teams dealing with Port Health at Avonmouth & Portbury Docks, Heath & Safety Teams, Food Safety and Infectious Diseases – A real Jack of all trades.

My strengths are in team management, lateral thinking to find solutions, committee work, authorship and working to deadlines.

I believe everyone has a voice and everyone deserves their point of view to be championed. I have served on the MHA Board as a Tenant Board Member for the last three years.  If re-elected, I would continue to serve all the tenants of MHA to the very best of my ability.

Ken Bucknall: 

Ken Bucknall

I have been a tenant for around 11 years and have been involved representing tenants in Monmouthshire Housing Association for some 8 or 9 years. I spent most of my working life in the media and am a former community councillor. I also achieved a Chartered Institute of Housing Qualification in Social Housing. These experiences have enabled me to confidently take an active role when participating in our association’s activities.

During the time I’ve been a tenant with MHA, I have been involved at various levels including Vice Chair of the Tenant’s Forum, The Steering Committee, The Scrutiny Panel, Service Testing Team, Your Homes, Better Build Group and others. Whilst involved, I have always been and still am keen to ensure tenant’s views are at the very heart of the way in which the organisation is run.

I have served as a Board member for some years and with your support I would like to have the opportunity to serve you once again. I am passionate about Social Housing and making sure that MHA delivers excellent services for every tenant. If elected, I would continue to use my skills to uphold tenant’s interests and the aims and objectives of the association to the best of my ability.

Zena Beirne:

Zena Beirne

I have recently retired after working for Newport City Council for 34 years, the last 15 years of which were spent in the role of Community Development. Working in a Communities First area of Newport at grassroots level with Newport City Homes residents and the wider community, I know that openness and transparency are of utmost importance in building trust with tenants and residents: It’s an important part of enabling people to feel part of something significant and giving them a say in their futures.

I am passionate about people and enjoyed working in a community where I could give something back.

I have two children, and five grandchildren who are my life; and I feel time spent with them is precious. I love taking them to the library, swimming and watching them play football for their local teams; the family passion being Liverpool!!

It is important to listen to people’s views and those that drive the future. I feel that MHA is not just an organisation but one that cares about people, with an appetite for positive change and to ensure that their tenants are listened to.

I was fortunate enough to have been  co-opted  on to the board of MHA a few months ago so I have a good knowledge of the board and the Association, and will look forward to carrying on my role at MHA should I be elected.

Colin Marsh: 

Colin Marsh

I am 72 years, born and raised a “man of Kent” and I currently live in Raglan with my wife. My working life started as a Trainee Linesman with the South Eastern Electricity Board, joining the British Army in 1964 as a Battery Surveyor I moved to Germany in 1965 and changed Regiments in the Royal Armoured Corps. 

In 1970 I served in Northern Ireland for 4 months, then back to Germany until 1973 when we moved back to the UK.  In May 1973 I moved occupations to the Kent County Constabulary and served in Royal Tunbridge Wells.  In 1975 I took charge of my own Rural Beat outside of Ashford, Kent until 1979.

I retired from the Police in 1993, taking a post of Registration and IT/Communications Manager with Pilgrims Language Courses in Canterbury.  I moved  to Wales in 1999 where I worked on Computer and Network systems for British Aerospace at Glascoed and General Dynamics at Oakdale until my retirement.

Having recently applied to become a Board member I have undergone training with MHA to find out more about the Board and the Association and also had the opportunity to observe meetings.

If I were to be elected I would like to think I will be in a position to give something back to Monmouthshire Housing Association and hence to the tenants who voted for me and gave their trust for me to impartially oversee MHAs business operations.

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