Is your home the right size for you?

Is your home the right size for you?

Are you:

  • Over 60 years old?
  • A Monmouthshire Housing Association tenant?
  • Living in a property bigger than you need?
  • Want to transfer to a property better suited to you...

...But don’t know where to start?

MHA’s Rightsize scheme may be able to help...What Rightsize can do for you: 

  • Provide support with your rehousing options
  • Provide a grant to help with the costs of moving
  • Give practical support leading up to, during and immediately after the move
  • Help manage the stresses of moving 
  • Help reduce maintenance hassles and household bills


How you can help:

There are currently over 400 families on Monmouthshire’s housing waiting list. Moving to a property better suited to your needs will also help MHA reduce waiting list times and house more people. 

If you choose to take part in this scheme, any feedback you provide will help us improve the services we offer to tenants.


What happens next?

Hannah Rowson from Monmouthshire Housing Association will be contacting tenants who are eligible for this scheme over the next month to find out if they would be interested in taking part.


Want to know more? 

If you have any questions call Hannah today on 01495761148 / 07900676963, or send an email to


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