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Allpay: new ways to pay your rent

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MHA tenants who do not currently pay their rent by Direct Debit or Standing Order will have received a new card through their letterboxes from Tuesday 3 August. This card gives you your new Allpay Reference Number.

What to do now?

Firstly, you need to register your Allpay Reference Number (the number that appears under your name on the Allpay card. You will also be asked for the long number on the front of your Allpay card) on the Allpay website: . You will need your e-mail address to do this. You need to do this for the service below.

The allpay Payment App

The allpay app is a mobile application (App) available to download FREE from the Apple App Store or Windows Phone store and Google Play enabling you to pay your bills from your Apple, Windows or Android smartphone.

Using allpay's Payment App

  •  Allows you to pay anytime, anywhere and offers allpay cashless customers a quick and easy way to top up their accounts
  • Securely stores Payment Reference Numbers, bank details and payment amounts

Getting started

You can download the free Allpay app from iTunes App Store (for Apple IOS) or Google Play (for Android) devices. The app can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.

You can then log in to the App using the same details as when you registered your card. Follow the instructions on the App to make a payment.

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