Stay Local

We want to work with you in your community to help you with the little things that make an area a great place to live. You might want to put on an event for your Neighbour’s or have heard that lots of people are interested in setting up a craft or social group. Get in contact to have a chat about how we could support you.

We will also be working closely with you if your community is receiving a large amount of improvement works, such as having the gardens redone or your flats upgraded. Your help and involvement could influence:

  • Designs
  • The community benefits that the contractors will give back to the community
  • Future local initiatives
  • Strengthen existing services


Do you attend a local group, PTA or sports club?

Do you have a local event coming up? The Engagement Team are keen to meet you and your neighbours. Invite us and we will come along to have a chat about how we can support you! We can bring cake and put on some activities for you.


Contact us

We would love to hear from you. The best way to contact us is by:

Emailing -

Calling - 01495 767179

Facebook - MHACommunityBuzz

Online Form - If you would like to know more about the opportunities available please complete the Tell me more form and a member of the team will be in touch.

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Live Support

Our advisors are available Monday-Thursday 9am-4:30pm and Friday 9am-4pm.