I want to end my tenancy

We’re sorry to see you go and if there is anything we can do to change your mind please do get in touch. However if it is time to move on, then we hope that this page will provide you with some useful information to make your move as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Check out the ‘moving on’ booklet on the right side of this page - it has lots of useful information and guidance about ending your tenancy.

Giving notice

Your tenancy is a legal document that you signed at the start of your tenancy, and you must provide another signed document to end your tenancy. This means we can not accept emails or phone-calls; you must give notice in writing and sign and date your notice.

We have a template ‘notice’ on the right side of this page which you are free to use. Alternatively call us and request a template notice letter- we will even give you a stamped addressed envelope to go with it!

You must give 4 weeks advance notice and the tenancy must end on a Sunday.

So if you give MHA notice on a Wednesday then the 4 week period will not start until the following Monday.


Next of kin information

Dealing with a relative’s estate during a bereavement can be stressful, and MHA aims to make the process as easy as possible for you at this difficult time.

If you are the next of kin for an MHA tenant we will require you to end the tenancy, on behalf of your relative, by written notice, as this is a legal requirement for all social landlords.

A template notice document can be found on the right hand side of this page, or you can contact us to request one by post on 01495 761014. We will also require a copy of the death certificate with the notice and your contact details.

Under the circumstances MHA will waive the 4-week notice period however, you are welcome to take the full four weeks if you wish to have more time to prepare to hand in the keys.

Please be advised that the tenancy must end on a Sunday and that rent will continue to be charged weekly to the account whilst you still have the keys.

Housing Benefit will only pay towards the rent until the Sunday after the tenant has passed away.

You can notify Monmouthshire County Council on 01633 644 644 about the death of your relative, so they can update their council tax and other records.

If your relative was in receipt of Universal Credit Housing costs (rather than Housing Benefit), then payment will depend on their ‘assessment period’; you will need to contact the Department for Work and Pensions ( DWP) to discuss this with them. When you register the death, ask the registrar for a ‘Tell us once’ reference number and then contact the DWP ‘Tell us once’ service here.

Once the DWP Tell Us Once service is notified, they will contact a number of government agencies including the Department for Work and Pensions, the HMRC to deal with personal tax and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Our void officer will be available to meet you at the property during the notice period, to provide you with information and explain the process of ending the tenancy. Please phone us to make an appointment. Our void officer can also provide you with useful contact information for charities and services that may be of use to you during the visit.


Pre-void visit

Please phone 01495 761014 761014 or email customerservices@monmouthshirehousing.co.uk to arrange a pre-void visit before you leave.

Our void officer will meet you at your home and can give you information about the standard that we expect the property to be returned in, to avoid a charge, and give you useful information and contacts.

The void officer will also take the opportunity to collect information about your home to go into the advert for your property. We will usually begin advertising your property during the notice period to ensure we make the best use of our homes and do not leave them empty for any longer than necessary.

The void officer will be able to tell you what you can and cannot leave in your property – you can also find out about this by reading the MHA ‘Moving On’ booklet which you can find on the right hand side of this webpage.

During the notice period we will also begin switching the utility supply. Usually the switch completes after you have moved out, however sometimes the switch can take place whilst you are still a tenant, for example if you extend your notice period.


Emptying & cleaning you property

It is important that we received the property back in an acceptable condition. If this does not happen then you may face a re-charge. A re-charge is the cost to MHA of getting the property up to standard for which you were responsible. This includes removing any items that you have left at the property, including carpets, and making good any damage that you are responsible for.

Please ensure you leave us the window keys and clear the garden and sheds as well as the house/apartment/bungalow.

If you have a hardwired or dispersed alarm unit in your home: Please ensure you leave all of the lifeline equipment at the property when you depart so that we can collect and return the items properly.

N.B. Failure to give back all of the equipment will result in a re-charge against the tenancy account for the replacement costs of the missing items.


Handing in keys

You can hand in your keys to the following places:

St David’s Foundation Charity shops in:

  • Abergavenny: 57 Cross Street NP7 5EU
  • Chepstow: Unit 1a Bridge Court, Bulwark NP16 5JW
  • Caldicot: 5-7 Newport Road, NP26 4BG
  • Monmouth: 98 Monnow Street, NP25 3EQ

Monmouthshire Housing Association head office, Nant Y Pia House Mamhilad NP4 0JJ

Please ensure you get a key receipt when you hand in your keys, and that you give back all fobs for communal entrances, as well as the keys that you received at sign-up.

If your tenancy ends on the Sunday you have until 12pm on the Monday to return your keys. If you return your keys after 12pm you will be charged another weeks rent.

N.B. Monmouthshire county council no longer accept keys for MHA properties.


I’ve changed my mind about ending my tenancy or want to extend my notice

You may be able to extend your notice period, however you will need to get in touch and explain why you need to so.  Contact us to discuss this by phoning 01495 761014 or emailing customerservices@monmouthshirehousing.co.uk

If you would like to recind (withdraw) your notice MHA may or may not accept this. Please get in touch to discuss this matter as soon as possible.


Your rent account

You should ensure that you have cleared your MHA account and paid all of your rent, service charges, personal charges and re-charges for repairs within 14 days of receiving your final invoice from us. Please contact the payment line on 0303 123 1127 to make your payment or contact our Income Team on 01495 761016 to discuss your debt if you are not able to pay the full amount.


Who else to contact

There are a number of organisations that you need to contact when you are ending a tenancy these including Monmouthshire County Council. You can contact the council on 01633 644 644 to tell the Housing Benefit and Council Tax departments about your move.

You should also tell the following about your tenancy end:

  • GP & Health visitors
  • Dentist
  • Benefits agency (DWP)
  • Bank/ Building Society
  • Insurance agency
  • Utility suppliers
  • Welsh Water
  • Your Employer
  • Social Services
  • Job Centre
  • Your child’s school
  • Television licensing

MHA will not automatically pass on your forwarding details to another agency, so please ensure that you tell those who need to know that you are ending your tenancy and arrange the forwarding of your mail with the Post Office.


Tell us what you think about MHA

We take your feedback seriously and would like to hear from you about your experience as an MHA tenant. We would appreciate it if you would complete a short survey when you give your notice to us. We can do this over the phone when you contact us to give notice, or if that is not convenient we will send you the survey with a self-addressed envelope to return to us with your written notice.

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