It is recognised that complaints are an inevitable part of any business and MHA welcomes complaints as they are a valuable form of feedback which can inform improvements to service performance and wherever possible we will put right any mistakes we may have made and if we get something wrong, we will apologise and put things right.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is defined as “an expression or dissatisfaction by anyone, about any aspect of the service we have committed to and not provided”.

What is not dealt with under the Customer Concerns & Complaints Policy

  • A request for service (e.g. reporting a general repair)
  • Complaints from one tenant about another (ASB issue)
  • Complaints received via a Solicitor (Legal issue)
  • The action of any party delivering services that are not provided by Monmouthshire Housing Association or their contractors.
  • A claim for damages that should be dealt with as an insurance claim or compensation claim (please refer to MHA’s Compensation Policy)

Dealing with your concern

Normally, we will only look at your concerns if you tell us about them within 6 months of the occurrence of the issue.  We may exceptionally be able to look at concerns which are brought to our attention later than this if you are able to provide strong reasons why you have not been able to bring it to our attention earlier.  In any event, regardless of the circumstances, we will not consider any concerns about matters that took place more than three years ago.

Stage 1

We believe that it is best to deal with things straight away rather than try to sort them out later.  If you have a concern, raise it with the person you are dealing with.  He or she will try to resolve it for you there and then.  If there are any lessons to learn from addressing your concern then the member of staff will draw them to our attention.  If the member of staff can’t help, they will explain why and you can then ask for a formal investigation.

Stage 2

If we have tried to resolve your concern or complaint informally and you are dissatisfied with the outcome then you may request a formal investigation.  If you request a formal investigation we will:

  • Formally acknowledge your concern within 5 working days and let you know how we intend to deal with it.
  • Ask you to tell us how you would like us to communicate with you and establish whether you have any particular requirements – for example, if you have a disability.
  • Deal with your concern in an open and honest way.
  • Make sure that your dealings with us in future do not suffer just because you have expressed a concern or made a complaint.

If you have a concern please complete the Customer Concern Form.

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