Who to Contact

Meet your Income and Neighbourhood Officers for your area. Please call 0345 677 2277 or click on the names below to send an email.


Alison Bromham

Alison Bromham, Income Officer
Email Alison

Holly Doughton Holly Doughton, Neighbourhood Officer
Email Holly


Mardy Area of Abergavenny

Lauren Francis Lauren Francis, Neighbourhood Officer
Email Lauren
Cally McCarthy


Cally McCarthy, Income Officer
Email Cally



Monmouth and Wyesham

Dean Phillips

Dean Phillips, Income Officer
Email Dean

Geraint House Geraint House, Neighbourhood Officer
Email Geraint
Nicola Pocock Nicola Pocock, Neighbourhood Officer (Monday to Tuesday) - Email Nicola


Chepstow, Bulwark, Portskewett, Caerwent


Anthony O'Connell

Neighbourhood Officer, Anthony O'Connell (Monday to Tuesday) - Email Anthony

Jessie O'Connell Jessie O'Connell, Income Officer
Email Jessie


Calidicot, Undy & Magor


Helen Screen

Helen Screen, Income Officer (Monday to Tuesday)
Email Helen

Donna Mason Donna Mason, Neighbourhood Officer
Email Donna


Gilwern, Raglan, Goytre, Usk 

Kerris Winter

Kerris Winter, Income Officer
Email Kerris

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